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working to make a difference.

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We are a Team of committed folks wanting to make a difference in the take home value for each member, wanting to provide quality for our customers, and wanting to help non-profits in our community as well as outside our community. We are generous with our support for each other - committed to one another. We are generous with our resources - making a profit to make a difference.

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CNC Machinist for the Swiss Department:

  • These individuals need to have experience running CNC Swiss style Lathe's. Some of our equipment in this department includes ECAS32, Ecas20, and Star KNC 32.
  • Responsibilities will include running production with future growth in setting-up, and programming.
  • Every day responsibilities will include checking parts for quality and accuracy, maintaining a clean machine and work space, knowing cycle time, and efficiency on machine.
  • We desire well skilled CNC Machinist, self-motivated individuals, energetic, ready and willing to serve others, and ability to run multiple machines as necessary.
  • We have positions on our 2nd shift.
  • They are full time positions with full time benefits.


  • Design new product based on customer requirements using Solidworks and CAD.
    • Communicate with customers to understand design requirements
    • Perform testing for design verification
    • Perform long term testing and maintain test records on various products
    • Apply GD&T where appropriate
  • Process Improvement
    • Develop and document new processes for production
    • Investigate, identify, and implement cost savings using process and design both individually and through collaboration with teammates and customers.
  • Manage the EC process
    • Get answers to questions before the request is converted to an EC
    • Keep track of where they are at and follow up so that the process continues to flow.
    • Communicate with customers on clarifications to prints
    • Update all the necessary documents in packets including prints to match markups
    • Research and investigate to help answer to questions arise
  • Preferred experience in or with various CNC machining
  • Our Engineers work closely with production and are expected to collaborate across various departments and with groups of team members.


  • We are seeking someone for the role of material handler.
  • If you enjoy helping other departments have the materials they need, moving materials both on carts and forklift, providing backup support for receiving department, and are inspired to help keep work flowing, this may be the position for you.
  • Some requirements include operating a forklift, measuring material with calipers,and moving material on carts.

CNC Machinist for Milling:

  • These individuals need to have a solid working experience of setting-up and operating CNC Milling machines. Some of our equipment in this department includes Horizontal Okuma centers, Vertical Okuma centers, and Haas. Experience is preferred but not required.
  • Responsibilities will include setting-up CNC Mills as well as running production.
  • These individuals should be high energy, focused, ready and willing to serve others, and have prior years' experience setting-up and running production.
  • We currently have positions on our 2nd shift.
  • They are full time positions with full time benefits.

Expectations and a partial list of our Benefit Package:

  • Hourly wage is based upon experience, skill and position.
  • Our wage scale considers applicants experience. Our scale for CNC Machinist range from the experienced machinist $20+/hour to the in-experienced starting around $15/hour.
  • 2nd shift bonus pay
  • 2nd shift hours are 2:00 p.m. - midnight, Monday - Thursday. Extended hours, or additional days, when overtime is necessary.
  • Major Medical Insurance: CEMTI pays up to 80% of the employee's premiums including their family participants. Depending on the plan you choose, the weekly deduction for employee only coverage is $46.40 or $20.95, for family coverage the weekly deduction is $126.86 or $64.67; with other family combinations in-between.
  • Dental and Vision Plans available as well.
  • Along with the Major Medical Insurance is an HSA (Health Savings Account). There is a $2 to $1 match from CEMTI; for every $1 the employee deposits into the HSA, CEMTI deposits $2 up to a monthly maximum, earning up to $840/year for employee only coverage and $1,680/year for family coverage.
  • Retirement benefit: Employees benefit from the employer matching funds into their Simple IRA Retirement; investment funds are selected by the individual employees not CEMTI.
  • Paid time off for the birth or adoption of a child
  • Continuing Education benefit: Cost sharing up to 100% paid by CEMTI of approved classes.
  • The ability for flexibility when a personal need arises.
  • Flexible break periods
  • Cost sharing for the rental and washing of uniforms
  • Paid vacations that increases over the years (We have many individuals who have celebrated 10 - 20 years with our Company; we are a committed and loyal Team desiring to add more like-minded individuals to our Team).
  • Paid holiday's
  • Assistance and payment plans for tool purchasing
  • Biggest Loser & Fitness challenges promoting healthy life styles with competition and prizes.

We are conveniently located:

  • 1/4 mile east of State Road 15 behind the Fire Department at 19149 C.R. 146, New Paris.
  • We are 22 minutes from downtown Warsaw
  • We are 18 minutes from downtown Elkhart
  • We are 15 minutes from downtown Goshen
  • We are 10 minutes from downtown Nappanee

Office hours are 7:00 a.m. to 4:00 p.m., Monday-Friday.

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