A Letter from the Owners

Welcome to Cutting Edge Machine and Tool, Inc.

My name is Dave Berkey. My wife, Jenny, and I started this company in 1990. We began with a vision, believing there was a better way to serve machining clients. With one client and one employee machining replacement parts for metal working equipment, we took a step of faith and launched Cutting Edge Machine and Tool, Inc.

Since that time, we have grown with our clients. Our plant has expanded from 500 square feet to a shop floor of over 55,000 square feet, and our team of 100+ people work together over two shifts. This expansion resulted from our clients’ demand for us to increase our capacity and volume to meet their needs.


Guided by Values

We believe our rapid growth results from our basic operating principles. First, we understand that God owns it all. The second is whatever you sow is what you will reap. Last, we strive to treat others the way we want to be treated. Our philosophy has cultivated a deep trust which is vital to healthy business relationships.

Our team believes it’s essential not only to machine quality components but also to partner with our clients to help solve their manufacturing challenges. Often, this includes new product design, improvements on current designs, and cost-saving innovations.

Our mission is to continuously improve on the abilities and resources God places in our care to meet our customers at their point of need and to provide an atmosphere of mutual consideration for profitable growth.

Partnering with our Clients

Each day, we strive to meet clients at their point of need, offering our prototyping and manufacturing expertise to those who ask. We generally do this at a reduced rate or for free. This approach to customer service allows our partners to try new concepts without a large cost. It also ensures the parts will be profitable to everyone involved. This often exceeds expectations and sends parts to market much faster and with less expense.

Through this philosophy of operating and quality deliveries, our clients have grown. Because of this, so have we. The first quantities of 5-10 pieces in our manual equipment have expanded to 5.5 million of various components on new automatic machines.

Please check out our website to see our capabilities. Feel free to call me personally to discuss your needs at (574) 831-5464.

Thanks for your time. We look forward to partnering with you.

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