A Letter from the Owners

I would like to introduce you to Cutting Edge. My name is Dave Berkey. My wife, Jenny, and I started this company in 1990. We started with a vision, believing there was a better way to serve machining customers. With 1 customer and 1 employee machining replacement parts for metal working equipment, we took a step of faith and launched Cutting Edge Machine and Tool.

Since that time, we have developed and grown with our customers. This expansion was actually a result of our customers' demand for us to increase our capability and volume. We currently occupy over 50,000 square feet, employ 100 people. We are operating two shifts.

We believe that our rapid growth is a direct result of our basic operating principles. The first being that "God owns it all". The second is that "Whatever you sow is what you will reap". The last being "Treat others the way you want to be treated". The result of this philosophy is a trust that is vital to healthy business relationships.

We believe it is essential that we not simply sell quality machined components but rather partner with our customers to help solve their manufacturing problems. Examples of present partnerships include new product design, improvements on current designs, and solutions to delivery issues.

An excellent example of the way we partner with customers is when we offer our design and machining expertise to those who request it. This is often done at a reduced rate or for free. This approach to customer service allows our partners to try new concepts without the large expense to see if the concepts are reasonable to produce. This process also allows parts to go to market much faster and with less expense than would be normally expected.

Through the philosophy of operating and quality deliveries, we have seen our customers grow, and as a result of their growth, we have grown. The initial quantities of 5-10 pieces on our manual equipment have grown to 5.5 million of some components on new automatic machines. In spite of our rapid growth, we still have retained the ability to be competitive on the 5-100 piece quantity marketplace.

Please take the time to view the other areas on our web site to see what our capabilities are, or call me personally to discuss your needs at 1-574-831-5464.

Thanks for your time and we look forward to serving you.

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Posted by Cutting Edge Machine and Tool Inc. on Tuesday, July 26, 2016