Our Mission and Values

Our Mission

CNC Machining with Purpose

At Cutting Edge Machine and Tool, Inc., our mission is to continuously improve on the abilities and resources God places in our care to meet our clients at their point of need and to provide an atmosphere of mutual consideration for profitable growth.

Our Shared Operating Principles


We seek to understand and be understood through respectful, collaborative, timely, and complete dialogue. Clarity and directness guide our conversations, and we seek to stay open to different perspectives. Often, this means listening and asking questions to achieve clarity in both message and mutual expectations. We openly discuss critical issues and deliver difficult messages with care. As a team, we will not leave the important things unsaid, and we avoid saying them to anyone other than the person who should hear them.


Aggressively Engaged

We take action on what’s important, differentiating between what’s vital and merely urgent. Clear, strategically aligned goals guide us as we prioritize needs. Our team proactively removes barriers, solves problems, and prioritizes what is most important to ensure we remain focused and engaged.


Customer Intimacy

Our clients are the reason we exist. Because of this, we build strong collaborative client relationships which guide our success. By deeply understanding their needs and providing solutions to help them, both of us will grow profitably. We listen, create, and interact with our clients in their world and ours. Lastly, we make sure to share all we know about our clients with our Cutting Edge team.



We partner and collaborate with our colleagues across functions, sites, and regions to achieve exceptional results. No decision or project should be executed without the right people involved. So we actively identify those who need to be involved and bring them in at the appropriate time. We strive to build trusting relationships and break down barriers across the organization to help us achieve our goals. In order to be successful, we listen to and share information and best practices with our entire team. Each of us needs accountability, so we serve as each others’ radar, flagging threats early on and communicating them quickly.


You can Count on Us

We do what we say we’re going to do. This means holding ourselves accountable to our responsibilities and fulfilling our commitments. In a dynamic environment, our priorities may change. When they do, we proactively renegotiate commitments with stakeholders and communicate our realigned focus. We strive to make timely decisions and use past experiences to continuously improve our ability to perform. This means matching, coaching, developing talent and building the capacity needed to deliver on all milestones.


Continuously Learning

We continually learn and develop. Our team strives to grow our own knowledge, skills, and abilities. CEMTI’s leadership team models personal growth and gives feedback from consistent observation and involvement with our employees. We value the talent and contributions of those we work with. Even when we disagree, our team strives to work with unity and commitment. We partner with our colleagues in addressing challenges and celebrating successes. 

Our Values in Action

We value working with Cutting Edge on product design no matter if it’s a simple shaft or something more complicated. They always have innovative ideas that work.

Client, Engineering and Production

Cutting Edge excels most in corporate communication. Their internal departments work extremely well together as a cohesive front. Cross-functional collaboration is evident as ideas are brought up by every member of the team. This results in the best possible outcome for the consumer. This is important to my company because we get the best possible products.

Client, Engineer

Cutting Edge is a company with integrity that will work hard to get you what you need when you need it and will also work with your company to design exactly what you need at a competitive price.

Client, Supply Chain Manager

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