Assembly Department

Our Capabilities

The assembly department produces a wide range of assemblies. They range in complexity from hydraulic cylinders to simple snap rings placed on a pin. Each item built has custom made fixtures designed in house to accommodate high quality, high quantity production. Most items that pass through the department are quality checked either by 100% function testing or a specialty tester designed at Cutting Edge. We continually work to standardize our processes and incorporate automation to raise the bar on quality as well as increase our capacity.

After parts are assembled, our team packages and seals them. This ensures our clients receive the highest quality part from start to finish. Let us take care of the entire assembly process, saving your organization time and money.

What Our Clients are Saying

It’s rare to find a company that works as hard to meet our high expectations and Cutting Edge goes above and beyond. They do a great job of sending quality parts.

Client, Supply Chain Manager

Cutting edge supplies more than 50,0000 cylinders annually to our company. A minimum of once a year there is a complete analysis of each cylinder component where assembly time and cost is considered and taken out where able. This dedication to continuous improvement has resulted in the development of new designs, manufacturing techniques, and qualifying metrics. 

Client, Engineer

Cutting Edge is transparent, and they are willing to share information and tools. I believe they are completely honest with us on pricing, delivering, and quality.

Client, Supply Chain Manager

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