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Design assistance and innovation are core to who we are, and we strive to build strong, collaborative relationships with our clients. Their challenges become ours as we seek to understand and find solutions. We both succeed when we work together.

Often, our team collaborates with our client’s engineering teams. This means we can produce the best piece possible for each specific need and reach new ideas together. Even after we begin production, we continue to test new ideas. This innovation often leads to lower cost to our clients as we improve on existing designs.

Our engineering team looks forward to serving you. Contact us below or give us a call at (574)831-5464.

What Our Clients are Saying

Cutting Edge Machine and Tool, Inc. always has innovative ideas that work whether we’re working on product design no matter if it’s a simple shaft or something more complicated.

Client, Engineering and Production

Cutting Edge surpasses other companies because of their dedication to finding the best design through their excellent engineering team. They work relentlessly to obtain results that make huge corporate impacts.

Client, Engineer

Cutting Edge strives for the best possible solution in every situation. They bring out of the box ideas to the table that culture an environment of innovation. Their mindset will bring ground breaking solutions to your company.

Client, Engineering

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