Committed to Our Clients

Our clients aren’t just customers. They are our partners, and we are committed to walking hand-in-hand with them for the long haul. This means that clients receive expertise and assistance from all of our departments—from the person who picks up their phone call, to quoting to engineering to quality to production. Our responsive and attentive team are eager to serve and help our clients succeed.

Cutting Edges customer service is second to none! They work hard to take care of our needs every day.

Client, Supply Chain Manager

Cutting Edge wants others to succeed so they can succeed. When we were trying to work out a difficult issue with a supplier, Dave Berkey and Forrest Reigsecker took the time to go with us to visit the supplier and come to a solution with them. They were able to read between the lines, ask challenging questions, and get to the root of the quality issues that we were having.

Client, Supply Chain Manager

Our clients are the reason we exist, and we strive to build the kind of relationships that lead to success year after year. At every level, our team strives to fully understand our clients needs and provide solutions to their challenges. We listen, create, and interact with them in their world and in ours. Through this, strong collaborative relationships are built—the kind that lead to profitable partnerships for all involved.

In working with Cutting Edge for a year, I have learned, requested support, and really appreciated all of Cutting Edge’s help and patience. I am really glad to work with all of the Cutting Edge team. I have learned, and you have supported me. 

Client, Purchasing

What Our Clients are Saying

Their staff is very responsive, patient, good at consulting on projects, and will help with development.

Client, Engineer

Cutting Edge really places themselves in the position of others when working together. This is evident though projects outcomes and their dedication to bettering the world through their many charitable contributions.

Client, Engineer

Their customer service is excellent from design assistance all the way to delivery of the parts.

Client, Quality Systems

The Cutting Edge Difference 

Design and Innovation
Cost-Saving Innovation
A Cross-Functional Team
High Quality Processes Through Continuous Improvement