A Cross-Functional Team

One of our core values is collaboration, and at Cutting Edge Machine and Tool, Inc. some of the best collaboration happens between departments. Every day, we do the hard work of removing barriers between departments and leadership so ideas can flow freely through the organization. This has created a dynamic cross-functional team who are committed to working together to find the best possible solution to challenges both inside Cutting Edge and with our clients.

Cutting Edge excels most in corporate communication. Their internal departments work extremely well together as a cohesive front. Cross-functional collaboration is evident as ideas are brought up by every member of the team. This results in the best possible outcome for the consumer. This is important to my company because we get the best possible products.

Client, Engineer

It’s vital to our success and the success of our clients that our team partners with one another. So much of this is done behind the scenes, but over time, our connected team has greatly impacted our clients. As we build trusting relationships in our own organization, we are better equipped to serve our clients well.

To me, the spirit of teamwork and friendship among the Cutting Edge team is one of the most important values in the organization. Working together as a team makes a business stronger. When you’re not against each other, you get more accomplished.

Front Office Team Member, Cutting Edge Machine and Tool, Inc.

What Our Clients are Saying

With Cutting Edge, you received outstanding added value from their cross functional team! This team is outstanding in finding innovation and cost savings that keeps us competitive in our business.

Client, Quality Systems

Cutting Edge has smart team members who are kind, smart, and helpful, and they respond quickly when a part doesn’t comply to print or work for some reason.

Client, Engineering and Production

It would be difficult to come up with new ideas that work if we didn’t work together as a team. We know what the customer wants, and your team help us figure out the best way to deliver.

Client, Supply Chain Management

The Cutting Edge Difference 

Design and Innovation
Cost-Saving Innovation
Committed to Our Clients
High Quality Processes Through Continuous Improvement