High Quality Processes

Through Continuous Improvement

Quality is not a buzzword at Cutting Edge Machine and Tool, Inc. It is a core value and something we continuously strive for. In 2011, our team received our initial ISO Certification and have since transitioned to our current ISO 9001:2015 ISO certification. We are committed to continuous improvement. In the last nine years, the quality of our system, processes, and manufacturing capabilities have increased substantially.

Through our ISO Quality Management System, we are able to identify risks and implement the systems and processes to provide the highest quality for our clients and our team. This system has challenged our team to change our focus from doing business as usual to assessing and managing risks. This mindset shift has helped us narrow our focus to specific plans and goals which will help us meet higher quality standards than ever before.

It’s rare to find a company that works as hard to meet our high expectations and Cutting Edge goes above and beyond. They do a great job of sending quality parts.

Client, Supply Chain Manager

Our assembly team provides an extra level of quality checking and implementation. Most items that pass through the department are quality checked either by 100% function testing or a specialty tester designed at Cutting Edge. This team continually strives to standardize their processes and incorporate automation to reach higher levels of quality for our clients.

Throughout the entire organization, we implement Lean techniques of mistake proofing and waste elimination. Everyone—from the floor manager to machinists to support staff—seek to identify and mitigate risks in processes and parts. As we improve, our clients not only see quality parts, but they also see price reductions whenever possible.

What Our Clients are Saying

Cutting Edge is transparent, and they are willing to share information and tools. I believe they are completely honest with us on pricing, delivering, and quality.

Client, Supply Chain Manager

We have very few quality issues with Cutting Edge and when there is an issue they are here right away to fix the problem or make new to get us what we need for the customer.

Client, Supply Chain Manager

The three words that come to mind when I think of Cutting Edge are quality, trustworthy, and innovative.

Client, Engineering and Production

The Cutting Edge Difference 

Design and Innovation
Cost-Saving Innovation
Committed to Our Clients
A Cross-Functional Team