Our Culture

At Cutting Edge Machine and Tool, Inc., our goal is to create a culture in CNC Machining which fosters growth, support, reliability, and generosity. Throughout our lives, we will spend more time at our jobs than anywhere else. We believe the environment in which we work impacts every part of our lives. This is why we strive to create an atmosphere of candor and kindness within our organization. To learn more about our mission and shared operating principles, click here.

My Point Person always pushes me to better myself in machining and as a person.

Swiss Machinist
9 Years at Cutting Edge

A Team You Can Count On

The best teams function when we remove barriers between departments. This means communicating with clarity and honesty from leadership to employees and across departments in the organization. As we care for and value one another in this way, we build a culture of trust. Our team knows that our words are not empty; we do what we say we will do. From leadership to point people to machinists and support staff, we strive to remain consistent and dependable even as the day-to-day operations change. 

One of the words that comes to mind when I think of working at Cutting Edge is freedom. I like the freedom we have. With kids in school, I can take care of them when I need to.

Point Person
11 Years at Cutting Edge

Continually Learning

We’re never done learning, and at Cutting Edge, this means both personally and professionally. Through developing a Pathway Plan with each employee, our team members set clear, strategic goals for themselves both in their personal and professional lives. Then, an employee’s point person and team walk with them to help them achieve what they’ve set out to accomplish. Through on-site training and classes at our local technical school, employees can further develop and learn new CNC machining skills, and as they grow, they can contribute to other teams in the organization. When someone on the team makes a mistake, we see it as a learning experience rather than a mark on someone’s record. Each of us strive to grow, learn, and develop into our fullest potential. So we seek to build a culture of continual learning, helping each other stay teachable as we grow with one another.

Before working at Cutting Edge, I didn’t have any experience in swiss lathes. Through developing a Pathway Plan, I have learned about and operated various swiss lathes in my department. I have also learned more programming skills and now set up and operate our Ecas 32 machines.

Swiss Machinist
5 Years at Cutting Edge

A Place of Support and Respect

We will spend more time with our coworkers than almost anyone else in our life. That’s why we believe it’s so important to create a culture of respect, support, and empathy. Each member of our team is different, and we value these differences. Over the years, many of our team members have formed deep, life-long friendships with others on the team. Throughout the week and at events like company-wide carry-ins, team members connect at work. For some, these connections have led to friendships outside of Cutting Edge such as vacationing together or competing in events like the Tough Mudder together. We believe this results from our intentional care in building a culture of support and respect for all.

My team has allowed me to the grow into the role I’m in now. They’ve given me the freedom to learn and to fail along the way.

Programming and Setup CNC Machinist
14 Years at Cutting Edge


As an organization, generosity is core to who we are; it all goes back to our core values. By this, we mean that we are generous with each other, giving grace, support, and the benefit of the doubt. As an organization, we make a profit so we can make a difference in our community and our world. We strive to give generously to local, regional, and global organizations who are making a difference in the lives of vulnerable people. Once a year, our plant shuts down for an afternoon to pack meals for Feed My Starving Children. Additionally, many of our team members have served around the world, and their passions have become our own. Making a profit benefits more than Cutting Edge. We desire to use this profit to partner with others who are making a difference in the world.

Before coming to Cutting Edge, I had never done CNC machining or worked with metal. I started out in the assembly department. Today, I am able to operate and program all of our CNC mills. Cutting Edge gave me all the training I needed.

Point Person
11 Years at Cutting Edge

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