Cost-Saving Innovation

Every organization is searching for ways to cut cost and increase its profit margin. At Cutting Edge, we take seriously our role to create and implement cost-saving innovations for our clients. When they succeed, we succeed.


Vendor Managed Inventory 

These innovations have led us to use vendor managed inventory with most of our clients. Through this service, we hold a stock of the client’s parts on our shelves ready to ship on their requested dates. This not only ensures on time delivery for our clients; it reduces their cost.

Cutting Edge introduced our organization to the vendor managed inventory system that we now use today. It has helped our planning department’s workload. We run on an MRP system, which generates messages to order and expedite every day. If material is set up on EPK, no messages are generated. This reduces the number of messages planners need to review. It helps to put and keep inventory on our shop floor. I believe that it also helps our suppliers to set up and run their business in the most efficient manner.

Client, Supply Chain Manager

 Lights Out Production

Our Lights Out team runs our minimally attended production. Robot loaders keep material in the machines, and accumulators collect finished parts. Through this, our machines run even when we are closed. This means lower labor cost which means savings for our clients.


Added Value Process

Let us take care of the assembly process. Our team assembles parts so they need little to no work once delivered to our clients. We also outsource plating, anodizing, heat treating, and grinding. This saves our clients time and money and delivers them a complete part.


Improved Design

Often, we can cut cost as we innovate and improve on existing designs. At Cutting Edge, we strive to improve each day. Our engineering team walks alongside and collaborates with clients through the initial design phase of parts. Even after production, they consistently look for ways to improve designs and cut costs for our clients.

Cutting edge supplies more than 50,0000 cylinders annually to our company. A minimum of once a year there is a complete analysis of each cylinder component where assembly time and cost is considered and taken out where able. This annual exercise has generated ground breaking ideas and saved thousands of dollars in annual component costs. This dedication to continuous improvement has resulted in the development of new designs, manufacturing techniques, and qualifying metrics. All three of these are necessary to maintain being an industry leading manufacturing company.

Client, Engineer

What Our Clients are Saying

Keeping costs down is a must in this competitive world, and CEMTI always brings innovative low cost solutions. Their competitive pricing keeps our company coming back for new products.

Client, Engineering and Production

Cutting Edge is a company with integrity that will work hard to get you what you need when you need it and will also work with your company to design exactly what you need at a competitive price.

Client, Supply Chain Management

Cutting Edge helps us reduce cost through better design.

Client, Supply Chain Management

The Cutting Edge Difference 

Design and Innovation
Committed to Our Clients
A Cross-Functional Team
High Quality Processes Through Continuous Improvement