Back to School Grants

Thank you to all the teachers who invest time and resources into your students each year. The 2020-2021 school has presented unique challenges for educators at every level and we were so excited to partner with many of you. The team at CEMTI was able to come alongside those who care for over 1,800 students across 13 school districts.

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Supplies and Reimbursements

“Thank you for the the school supplies!! We always have students who start the school year without supplies and now they don’t have to.”

-6th Grade Teacher

“What a great day!!! Thank you so much for donating ALL of the items on my wishlist to my classroom and for dropping it off.  It was so nice to meet everyone.  The kids were soooo excited.  I feel so blessed.”

-1st Grade Teacher

“I am a teacher at Model Elementary.  My principal said you accepted my grant for the online reading program!  I was so excited I squealed!  Thank you so very much and this will be an extremely helpful resource and program for my students this year as we learn online.

Thank you again for your generosity!!!”

-2nd Grade Teacher

I cannot fully express in words my deep gratitude for the gift you have given my students with the purchase of these supplies!  Your thoughtful generosity is especially appreciated at this time when school funding keeps decreasing year after year.  It means the world to me to know that there are people and businesses in our community who support what schools are doing to help grow our next generation.  Many thanks to all of you at Cemti!”

-1st Grade Teacher

“I wanted to take the time to thank you again for all of the supplies for my students. I was needing to buy individual items. Your generosity is GREATLY appreciated.”

-3rd Grade Teacher

“Thank you so much for your generous donation to our classroom! I am so grateful for kind people like you who care about education and help support teachers in the classroom. My classroom transformation is calming and we are off to a different but great start of 2nd grade”

-2nd Grade Teacher

“This school year is definitely different from any other school year. It has a set of new challenges for us and our families. We have had out of work parents who are trying to figure it all out. Your generous donation allowed us to help out by supplying school supplies for our families. It also allows us to let the students have a set in their general education room and our room.

The students were excited to come in and find new things! Who doesn’t like new crayons or markers?! They were anxious to try them out!

We have started our year out on a positive note. Our parents were relieved to not have to worry about supplies…We are looking forward to continuing school on this positive note!

Thank you again for your generous donations!”